Port & Terminals

Cover is available for Landlord ports, Operational ports and Cargo handling facilities. As a package, this policy (Re)insures against liabilities, physical loss and damage to property & handling equipment, business interruption and hull and P&I for port vessels.

The Cover

Liability cover

Contractual and other legal liability in respect of death or personal injury/property damage to users of the port and other third parties, liability in respect of cargo, damage to customers’ ships and pollution.

Additional covers

Fire Extension Liability.

Legal/Contractual liability of the Assured, arising from an Accident resulting in physical loss or physical damage to buildings/premises leased or rented and used by the Assured where such physical loss or physical damage has been caused by fire.

Advice and Information

For loss of income, to any individual or organization by whom the Assured is engaged for the supply of advice or information on the management of Operation(s) whereby the Assured incurs such liability in consequence of the Assured’s negligent act, error or omission in the provision of such advice or information during the period of this insurance.

Fines and duty.

Unintentional failure to comply with an official regulation pertaining to customs and import/ export procedures or operating and working practices such as safety at work or anti-terrorism measures.

Infringement of personal right extension

Legal liability of the Assured resulting from false arrest, detention or imprisonment of any person; from the publication or utterance of a libel or slander or of any other defamatory or disparaging material, or a publication or utterance in violation of an individual’s right of privacy or from wrongful entry or eviction, or other invasion of the right of private occupancy.

Wrongful delivery of customers’ cargo.

Costs to mitigate or minimize a claim including the cost of investigation and defense, disposal of cargo or customers’ property, and for quarantine or disinfection.

Costs involved in removing a wreck, either voluntarily or as required by a statutory authority.

Where applicable, errors and omissions arising from consultancy services.

Property & Handing Equipment

Cover for all risks of physical loss and damage including vessel impact, earthquake, tsunami, seaquake, volcanic eruption and windstorm. Full value or first loss basis.

Terrorism risks (where available).

Business Interruption

Following loss to property or handling equipment. Cover against loss of income or profit to the facility, extended to include income lost as a result of port or berth blockage.

Port vessels

Hull and P&I cover. Cover normally confined to the port operational limits.

Please contact us for discussions regarding the parameters of cover needed