Why Us

Our aim is to meet yours, and your clients’ needs in the most effective and efficient manner; in fulfilling that objective, Intl. Broking Solutions, Corp (IBSCorp) will exercise the skill and care to be expected of a prudent and professional broker providing independent advice, placing services and collecting claims. Rest assure that our working relationships will be open and fair, always conducted to the highest standards of integrity.

IBSCorp has the technical expertise and market understanding to assure precise solutions, by considering knowledgeable strategies designed to attend all our clients’ needs. We speak the language, know the market, and understand the unique challenges and conditions of the industry.

IBSCorp will assist you in marketing your product by accessing over twenty major Insurance/Reinsurance markets including certain strategic alliances with Lloyd’s brokers, providing IBSCorp with the ability to add value and accessibility worldwide. We know the marketplace and will work closely with you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Whilst market security is of our highest standard we also make sure our clients have a wide professional network of Surveyors and Claims Agents world-wide to service your client’s requirements.

With increasing governance and the need for compliant programs, it is even more important to partner with the right marine (re)insurance broker. So, while your clients enjoy today’s rates, they are wise to carefully evaluate what they are receiving in return such as depth of knowledge, and risk management expertise including loss prevention and claims management.

Please contact us for discussions regarding the parameters of cover needed.